A few things you might not know about me.

My name is Amelia Jane.  I've been referred to as a severe anglophile, and a bucket of nerves.  I'm 23, and I recently graduated from college where I studied Anthropology and Spanish.  I've been a silent beauty community member for about three years now, and decided to join in on the fun and to meet and chat with fellow members by creating a space for myself and my thoughts on the internet.

I started this blog for a few reasons.  One being that I had no other outlet to share my excited makeup blitherings with; the second being that I thought it might be nice to reach out and chat with fellow beauty lovers like yourselves; and finally, the third being that I am just sort of floating between education levels at the moment and I needed a new hobby!

While most beauty bloggers can probably claim an early love for beauty, I only really started getting into makeup in the last few years or so (I suppose nineteen is late to start, nowadays), so I am still discovering what I like, and what really doesn't work for me.  I am by no means a beauty expert, and am really just figuring this stuff out as I go.  What I do know is that I love makeup for its transformative properties, both physically and mentally.

I suppose you could call me a beauty enthusiast, and my blog an ode to that enthusiasm.  So settle in, grab a cup of something warm, and stay awhile!

I've also included a picture of me when I was a baba.  Just because that's always fun.

Beauty queen from the very start, showing off my new manicure (and edging my sister out of frame in the process).

Thanks for stopping by!  It means a whole lot.

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