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Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's been a while since I've done a true product rave on my blog, so I thought it was about time that I put my blogger hat back on and introduced you to the new loves in my life.  I'm pretty sure it will come as no surprise (especially if you've been watching my latest videos on youtube) that I have not been able to stop wearing my NYX Butter Glosses lately.  I had initially heard of them through Shaaanxo on youtube and so, having had some luck with NYX products in the past, I decided to test out a few at my local ULTA.

I happen to think that NYX products are extremely well-made and modestly long lasting, so it should also be no surprise that I left with two glosses in my basket (plus a beautiful new blush; review to come!) and a few less bucks to my name.  Now permanently nestled in my makeup bag are Apple Strudel, a light pink-lemonade type of color, and Cherry Cheesecake which is more of an pinky coral.  Both are equally as wearable, but I do find that Apple Strudel complements my makeup on more occasions.  They're both beautiful on their own, but I find that they also look stunning over nude or light pink lipsticks, and have also been wearing them on top of my MAC Hue lipstick on occasion.

In terms of application, both go on very smoothly ("like BUTT-AH!"), and are hardly sticky.  The applicator offers a generous amount of product which, depending on the size of your lips, you may need to smush around a bit with your finger.  The longevity is pretty meh, but you'll have glossy lips for at least a good hour.  If you're talking, eating or drinking, you can cut that down to about 45 minutes.  All in all, for a five dollar lipgloss, these really cannot be beat. I have no gripes with reapplying every hour or so because each tube offers 8mL of product and for the price, I can get three very different shades for the cost of one MAC lipgloss.  Pretty solid deal, if you ask me.

On top of it all, I think they may have trickled their way into some Targets, so they're becoming even more accessible. Plus, they also smell amazing, like cherry pastries and they're cruelty free so we're keeping the bunnies happy!  WHOOP.  And because I'm a beauty junkie and possibly a lipgloss hoarder, I've set my sights on a few other colors as well (Maple Blondie will be mine).  Have you tried these yet? What colors would you like to try or do you own?  Any other NYX products I should try?

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  1. Oooooooooh, now I really want one! Apple Strudel looks so nice on you and I want to look nice like that, too, haha! They sound like they should taste delicious, haha! You should look at cherryculture.com! They have NYX products for a little bit less moolah! :D

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid


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