Barry M. High Shine Gelly Nail Paints

Friday, September 27, 2013

I'm sure that regarding the Barry M. Gelly Nail Paints (£3.99), that you've all heard the excited proclamations of every. single. British beauty blogger by now, so this post will not really serve to inform, so much as to share in the excited conversation.  And yes, I am VERY late to this little nail party.  So much so that I don't think it can even be considered fashionable at this point (my lateness, that is), but oooOOOhHHH these nail polishes!  <--A phrase I have literally never said.  As you may be able to tell by the picture above, I was smitten immediately.  The shine is HIGH, the coverage is opaque (it took me two coats each), and the finish just looks so damn professional.  My landlady actually asked me if I'd been to the salon for a manicure (no, but I went to Superdrug!).

Greenberry is by far my favorite and is one of those nail colors you just can't stop staring at when you're wearing it. Satsuma is a gorgeous orange-red that just screams summer, and it even comes with the Vivianna stamp of approval, so I'm there.  Now Mango (the bright, light orange) is pretty as well, however I think I may have gotten a dud bottle.  It was just patchy, gloopy and chipped within less than 24 hours.  However, a new friend of mine (who is a nail polish connoisseur, and who may have egged on my purchase just a tiny bit) bought two of the darker colors and got them to look flawless in just one coat.  I was obviously clinging onto summer with my polish choices (where has it gone!?), but it seems like the lighter colors of this range are just a bit trickier to work with, so beware.

To be fair though, nail polish longevity is really something you can't take my word for, as my nails are literally terrible.  They've always been weak, and I've never been able to go chip-free for much more than a day or two with most polishes I try, even with a top coat.  However, the shine on these babies is so high that you will definitely NOT need a topcoat.  So whether you're anti-topcoat, just don't have one, or are simply in the mood for something new, these polishes are basically a must-try.  I'm sure you've all tried these by now, actually, so I'd love to hear any recommendations you have?  (Pro-tip: these are on buy one get one half-off at Boots atm)!

I Went to Primark and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

If you haven't already heard from my many excited tweets and blabberings on YouTube, I've moved to London!  So of course, being that I'm  a complete and utter beauty dweeb, one of my first stops in the Big Smoke had to be none other than the beauty blogger favorite and Huge House of Bargains itself: PRIMARK!!  I came upon it accidentally when walking around Oxford Street (which is always SO busy!), so I had to poke my head in to see what all the fuss was about.  I kid you not, I wasn't in there for more than about three seconds when I saw something I absolutely loved and "had to have".  (For anyone who's never been to a Primark, I'll try and describe it; to me it seems right around the price point of Forever 21, however the items are not as "on-trend" I don't think, but they feel a lot more well-made).  I tried on the beautiful black and white floral dress, pictured above (which no doubt will feature in a future possible OOTD??), but in my eyes this bag stole the show.

It has quickly become my FAVORITE THING EVARRR, and I think it just looks so much more expensive than it actually is!  I paid £10 for it (equivalent to about $16), and I just know I'm going to get tons of use out of it.  It's pretty spacious, and can easily fit both my DSLR camera and Macbook Air comfortably inside.  My only complaint is that the strap is a bit long, and that the handles are a little too short to fit over my shoulder while wearing a coat (although I do have extremely broad shoulders, so maybe that's it).  But overall, I think it's perfect!  The black quilted pattern, the white stripes, the gold chain strap, UGH IT'S JUST SO BEAUTIFULLL.  Ahem.

All that to say, I never thought I'd be a bag lady, but you can't underestimate the power of a good bag!  It just pulls everything I'm wearing together so well, and makes me look just a little bit fancier than I actually am.  Something tells me this could be the start of a very dangerous habit....

And of course, now that I'm in the UK, I had to pick up a handful of British-only beauty bits!  Stay tuned for some serious Barry M love...

My MAC Lipstick Collection

Saturday, September 14, 2013

You can always rely on a MAC lipstick to stir some excitement among beauty junkies like us, and I have to say that filming this video was pretty darn exciting.  I used to watch videos like this and dream about the day that I'd have my own extensive collection, and whaddya know, that day is here!  Whilst I may have jumped the gun on a few purchases I probably should have re-thought, on the whole I love my little stash.

Now before we jump into the video, I just wanted to mention something here that I wish someone had told me before I got into makeup, and that is to go slow.  MAC lipsticks aren't cheap, and in order to curate a cohesive collection that you're ultimately very happy with, it's important to physically test the shades and textures on your lips.  You'll get a perfect feel for the lipstick, and you'll also learn which finishes suit you best.   I know this is easier said than done, because it's just so tempting to buy one right then and there, but you'll come away more satisfied when you purchase a lipstick you know you'll love versus one you think you like.  I believe that MAC lipsticks as a whole are definitely worth the investment as the longevity, texture, and color payoff tends to be pretty excellent.

OK, serious business aside, I hope you enjoy seeing the lipsticks I chose for myself, and that you maybe get a better idea of how certain colors actually look on the lips.  MAC lipsticks are pricey, but they make me happy, so I save up for one or two every now and again.  I can't see myself adding too many more to my collection, but I mean they just released like 10 new mattes for Fall, current MAC lipsticks might have a few new friends to talk to in the near future...

A Cheeky Trio: NYX Blushes

Clockwise, from left: NYX blush in Pinched, NYX blush in Dusty Rose, and NYX blush in Summer Peach
L to R: Pinched, Dusty Rose, Summer Peach
A mere year ago, I had but one blush to my name.  It was simply a product I thought I could do without, and was afraid of the fever-cheeks I thought would result from my inexperienced application of said product.  Fast forward to today, and while I still have a very modest few in my collection, blush has become one of my most favorite additions to my everyday face.

NYX blushes in particular are my current favorites for everyday wear.  The color range is pretty impressive (at the moment they have a nice well-rounded 20 shades in their stocks), spanning the spectrum from taupe to natural flush to the hottest of hot pinks.  There's also a good mix of mattes and more shimmery colors, so there's really something for every skin tone and taste level.  They're also super affordable, at just $5 from the NYX website!  (Note: read their shipping policy carefully if you live outside of the US).

The three in my possession are Pinched, a shimmery, golden pink which is a great dupe for NARS Orgasm, Dusty Rose, a matte shade which is a perfect addition to a more natural makeup look, and Summer Peach, the brightest of all three, and a blush that, when applied carefully, offers a naturally flushed looking finish with the tiniest bit of gold shimmer.

I'm happy with every single one of these blushes, and couldn't recommend them more.  The consistency is pretty great; not chalky, but of course not super finely-milled either.  They wear extremely well, and at only $5 a pop, it's easy enough to toss a few in your cart without blinking an eye.  At the moment, I'm struggling to keep Terra Cotta and Taupe from "accidentally" falling into my cart and "accidentally" making their way to my doorstep.  But hey, accidents happen!

August Beauty Favorites

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm not sure why it's taken me almost a week to post this video on my blog, but I'm almost positive it has something to do with my terrible time management skills and over-crowded brain.  Regardless, it's here.  VERY late, but here nonetheless.  Also, as a bit of a disclaimer, I'm pretty sure I have ADD because I literally never finish a thought in this video (editing was a nightmare), but I hope you enjoy it anyway.  My very late, and somewhat scattered August Beauty Favorites.  (Pro tip: click the "YouTube" button for a full list of products mentioned).

The Yearly Bath and Bodyworks Haul

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Without actually meaning to, it seems I've made another trip to Bath and Bodyworks around the same time as I did last year, so hey maybe this becomes a yearly thing?  Who knows.  Anyway, I didn't pick up toooo much, but I wanted to share what I bought just in case you had your eye on a few of the season's newest offerings.

First off, having just received a paycheck and feeling quite a bit heavier in the wallet than usual, I decided to treat myself to a nice big three-wick candle (you know how it is).  This was actually the first of their large candles that I'd actually bought for myself, and after smelling probably every single one three times, I finally decided on their Pumpkin Caramel Latte.  At first it seemed like a pretty decent candle, and the scent throw is pretty amazing, lit or not, but after burning it for the first time, I soon realized that sweet candles aren't really my thing.  In fact, the more I sniff it, the more it reminds me of pancake syrup (just no).  If I could do it over again, my first choice would be their Sandalwood Citrus candle.  Quite a manly scent, but it's refreshing and definitely a bit more my speed.

They also had a 5 for $5 deal going on their pocket antibacterial hand gels, and since I will be living in a city quite soon, I figured I'd better throw a few in my cart.  Of the five I purchased, I'd say Aqua Blossom and Island Margarita are my two favorites.  The best way I can describe Aqua Blossom is to say that it smells like fresh, clean water (if you haven't yet realized, I'm pretty crap at describing scents).  Island Margarita is limey, and smells just like its namesake. The rest were bought in large part due to their names and labels.  Jack O' Pumpkin ends up making your hands smell like baked goods (blech), Pumpkin Caramel Latte, again, smells like pancake syrup, and Dancing Waters is along the same lines as Aqua Blossom in the clean scent department, but I find it almost too strong and is altogether pretty skippable.

Not sure why my Bath and Bodyworks hauls always end up being so meh?  It's probably because I'm the kind of person who walks around the store browsing for ages, and then starts to feel awkward and pressured so I wind up picking up the thing closest to me, buying it, and fleeing the store.  Does that happen to anyone else, or is that just me?  Well anyway, anything I bought look interesting to you?  Do you plan on taking advantage of any of the current BBW sales? Tell me your favorite scents, I'd love to know what to check out on my next visit (whenever that may be).

Pumpkin Caramel Latte 3-wick candle, $20 | Aqua Blossom pocketbac, $1 | Island Margarita pocketbac, $1 | Jack O' Pumpkin pocketbac, $1 | Pumpkin Caramel Latte pocketbac, $1 | Dancing Waters pocketbac, $1 (all pocket bacs normally $1.75)

NYX Butter Glosses

Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's been a while since I've done a true product rave on my blog, so I thought it was about time that I put my blogger hat back on and introduced you to the new loves in my life.  I'm pretty sure it will come as no surprise (especially if you've been watching my latest videos on youtube) that I have not been able to stop wearing my NYX Butter Glosses lately.  I had initially heard of them through Shaaanxo on youtube and so, having had some luck with NYX products in the past, I decided to test out a few at my local ULTA.

I happen to think that NYX products are extremely well-made and modestly long lasting, so it should also be no surprise that I left with two glosses in my basket (plus a beautiful new blush; review to come!) and a few less bucks to my name.  Now permanently nestled in my makeup bag are Apple Strudel, a light pink-lemonade type of color, and Cherry Cheesecake which is more of an pinky coral.  Both are equally as wearable, but I do find that Apple Strudel complements my makeup on more occasions.  They're both beautiful on their own, but I find that they also look stunning over nude or light pink lipsticks, and have also been wearing them on top of my MAC Hue lipstick on occasion.

In terms of application, both go on very smoothly ("like BUTT-AH!"), and are hardly sticky.  The applicator offers a generous amount of product which, depending on the size of your lips, you may need to smush around a bit with your finger.  The longevity is pretty meh, but you'll have glossy lips for at least a good hour.  If you're talking, eating or drinking, you can cut that down to about 45 minutes.  All in all, for a five dollar lipgloss, these really cannot be beat. I have no gripes with reapplying every hour or so because each tube offers 8mL of product and for the price, I can get three very different shades for the cost of one MAC lipgloss.  Pretty solid deal, if you ask me.

On top of it all, I think they may have trickled their way into some Targets, so they're becoming even more accessible. Plus, they also smell amazing, like cherry pastries and they're cruelty free so we're keeping the bunnies happy!  WHOOP.  And because I'm a beauty junkie and possibly a lipgloss hoarder, I've set my sights on a few other colors as well (Maple Blondie will be mine).  Have you tried these yet? What colors would you like to try or do you own?  Any other NYX products I should try?

1 Year Blogger-versary!

Friday, September 6, 2013

I never thought I'd be making a post like this, but I cannot say how happy I am to be doing so!  It's a known fact that I go through phases, but it seems my blogging "phase" has turned into quite the habit.  I never in a million years thought that anyone would read my little words whilst typing up my first blog post exactly one year ago, but in the past year my readership has grown well beyond what I had ever expected.  I cannot say how thankful I am to those of you who read my posts and leave beautiful and positive comments.  It's through the comments that I've even connected with some of you and created little online relationships in which we write on each others' blogs (which I love!).

In honor of my little blog's first official birthday, I thought I'd share a link list of some of my personal favorite and more popular blog posts, just in case you're new here (or want to catch up!).
1. My first ever blog post (I'm choosing not to count my introduction post) about hand wipes, of all things.  My how my blog's vision has changed!  (Also please feel free to ignore my creepy faux-British honorifics..)

2. One of my more popular posts, on Aveda's Nourishmint lipstick in Cana.  A striking and extremely long-wearing choice for a red lip.

3. Another popular post of mine, on MAC's Mocha blush.  Perfect for an everyday matte flush!

4. A popular post from earlier this year that reminds me to do more posts like this.  Thinking outside the box by using lipstick as cream blush!

5. And now for a few of my personal favorites!  I loved writing up this post about the care and keeping of my curly hair.  It's a blog post that I would love to turn into a video one day soon!

6. And finally, probably one of my least popular posts I've ever written, but I put a ton of time into the writing for this one, so I wound up absolutely loving my post about Origins Never a Dull Moment face scrub.  Makes me want to do face masks now!

So whether or not you've been with me since the beginning, or you're just joining me now, I want to thank you for supporting The Non Brit.  I wouldn't be a blogger without a you!  You guys are great, I love you, and I hope you stick with me during my transition into my new life in London.  More posts to come after the dust settles...

If you're a lurker and would like to be notified whenever I begin blogging normally again, please feel free and follow by email, or subscribe to The Non Brit on Bloglovin'.  Hey, I'm even on Youtube now!

So after all of that, I'm off to eat some cake.  Back soon!

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