Get Ready With Me: Everyday Neutral Makeup

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

In which I try out a few new products, discuss my childhood, and just generally talk A LOT.  Also, Youtube's letting me upload custom thumbnails now for some reason, and I ain't complainin!  If you've ever wanted to see how I do my makeup on an everyday basis, then today's your lucky day.  Press that big "play" button up there, settle in, and select to watch on Youtube for all the products used.  Hope you enjoy at least somewhat!


  1. You're so funny Amelia! Loved this video!

    And I love Supernatural so much! So funny that you got inspired by Dean to highlight your forehead! I don't blame you though, he's smoking hawt!

    Your makeup is absolutely gorgeous and your skin is so flawless!

    1. Omg Annick, Dean is my #1 Dreamboat. Thank you so so much for watching!! x

  2. hey lovely!
    I have nominated you for the "Liebster award" because your blog is lovely among the new beauty bloggers.Visit and follow my blog for further details on Liebster award.xx

  3. I loved this video. You are so naturally beautiful, jealous.


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