The Star Spangled Manicure

Thursday, July 4, 2013

As a beauty-obsessed individual, I was racking my brain for about a week trying to figure out how best to commemorate America's birthday this year using makeup.  After tossing out the idea of navy eyeliner, facial glitter and cheek stickers, I settled on my nails.  I mean, if there's one place on your body where it's socially acceptable to go a bit nuts with the colors, it's the nail beds.  So I stopped off at Walgreens on the way home from work, picked up a fresh bottle of red (Essie's Hip-anema, a gooorgeous orange-red recommended by the lovely Jessica), and set to work.

I went through several test phases trying to get the stripes just right.  I applied the white "stars" with the end of a toothpick over the perfectly blue "French Kiss" by Pure Ice (it doesn't have the best staying power, but it was the best fit out of all of my blues), so I figured the toothpick method would work for drawing stripes.  Nope.  Not one bit.  I also quickly discovered that I don't have the hands for free-form nail art either, so in the end I grabbed some Scotch tape and conducted an awfully strange operation that actually sort of worked.  I first painted my nails fully white with Sally Hansen's X-treme nail color in "White On", but what I should have done next was let them dry a bit longer.  It still worked out fine, but because I went on to cover the bottoms and tips of my nails with scotch tape (and then covered the middle of each nail with a thin strip of tape that I'd cut with a pair of scissors), if I had waited longer the whole manicure might've looked neater.  I then slapped some of the beautiful "Hip-anema" over the entire nail, and let it dry.  After about five minutes, I removed all of the tape very carefully to pretty nice results for a first(ish) try.  Throw a top coat over, and you're done!  (I realize I'm about a day late and a dollar short for this year, but then that's me).

If you live in America, how will you be celebrating our nation's birthday today?  Have you done any special makeup for the occasion?


  1. These look amazing! Love that red from Essie.


  2. Gorgeous mani! I'm Canadian, so it's pretty easy for me - I simply sported red nails, although I could have made an effort and added white polka dots haha. Loving the stripe your painted - I feel like that would be super cute in other colors as well!

  3. Love this, since it's been long ago since I last painted my nails, I might do this look just for the fun of it :D

  4. Very cute! Great Photos! :-)



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