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Friday, April 26, 2013

It should be said that I go through phases with my makeup.  There'll be a straight two weeks in which lipsticks dominate the top spots on my wish list, only to have something else come along (most likely a post by Anna) and shift my gears toward bases or high lighters.  As it were, I’m currently smack dab in the middle of an eye phase.  Now I normally don't dedicate entire posts to my eye makeup, but I had one of those good makeup days on Monday (if we can have good hair days, then surely good makeup days are a thing, no?) during which I received compliments on my eye makeup from several different people (including two strangers, whaaat??), so I snapped a few photos with plans to explain how I achieved it.

This whole eyeshadow phase was kick-started by a recent rediscovery of mine.  As of a few weeks ago, I've fallen right back in love with the old beauty blogger favorite, MAC's Naked Lunch.  The slightly peachy shimmer makes my beady eyes sparkle with its frostiness, and although you can wear it beautifully just blended as a wash over the lid, I tend to pack it on with a MAC 239 or a MAC 275 brush to amp up the shimmer.  To send the glitter almost over the edge, I use a pencil brush or my ring finger to add some of MAC's white-gold Retrospeck to my inner corners.  And for a bit of depth, I swipe MAC's reddish-brown Sable through the crease, and blend it up just above with an e.l.f. blending brush.  I'll also take some of this on a pencil brush and line the outer half of my lower lash line.  Finish off with a baby flick using my trusty old Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid liner and any black mascara.

I've been rocking this look day and night, at work and...not at work.  It's basically just what the doctor ordered when a little everyday "oomph" is sorely required.


  1. Your eyes are the most beautiful colour! Naked lunch and sable are now firmly on my never ending mac eyeshadow list, they look soo perfect together! xx

  2. Your eyes look amazing. This makeup is very flattering xx

  3. Amazing eye look! It blends together gorgeously!

    Simple Charm Beauty

  4. this is such a pretty eye look, i love it :D

  5. Your eyes are gorgeous, girl! I just ran over to my eyeshadows to see if I had anything like Sable because I need to recreate this ASAP. It's so beautiful!

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  6. I go through phases with eyeshadow and this post has inspired me to have a rummage in my collection. Absolutely lovely x

  7. this is so pretty and simple i cant wait to try it and love that i have the colors to do it. Sable was one of my faves but i seem to have forgotten all about it with all the newness of spring that has been released. this brings out your eyes wonderfully. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Girl you have a beautiful blog here with stunning pictures :)
    I love this post! I popped along to say thank you for following my blog over on bloglovin, I'll be having a further browse of yours!

    I adore the shade 'Sable', I have yet to buy any MAC eye shadows, I'll be jotting this one down.
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  9. I love re-discovering shadow! I've done that recently with my MAC All That Glitters!

    Love this smokey-ish look on you. It's really pretty with your skin tone. And may I just say, your skin is flawless. And I love your brows. Okay, I'm done ;P haha

  10. Your makeup is flawless, I want Naked lunch so badly and I love how you've paired it! Your pictures are amazing, too.
    I'm your newest follower through bloglovin & GFC, I would appreciate it if you could check out my blog.
    Beauty For Thought.

  11. This looks beautiful! So pretty x

  12. I referred to this post yesterday when I was at Mac to make sure I got the right eyeshadow to recreate this look! That's how much I loved it!


    1. Holy crap that is so nice I hope you like it oh gahhhd


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