LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetic

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm taking it back to basics today with a good old Lush face mask review!  For any who joined my blog recently, or even this year, you may not have read my earlier face mask reviews.  If you're at all interested, I reviewed Lush's Brazened Honey mask here and their Love Lettuce mask here.

In terms of Catastrophe Cosmetic (or "the blueberry one" as I so elegantly referred to it in the shop), it combines the cleansing powers of the blueberry with the calming effects of calamine and chamomile to promote skin that is impurity-free.  It is worth noting that when these three scents combine, the experience is nothing short of divine (if you've ever tried Lush's Ginger Lotion, you'll have an idea what this mask smells like)!  The scent also hung around on my skin for hours, so make sure to keep that in mind if strong smells put you off.

The actual experience of using the mask is quite satisfying as well.  There are little chunks of (locally sourced) blueberries present in the mask which, for some reason, seems pretty cool.  The texture is similar to the Mint Julep mask from Queen Helene; a bit firm and thick, but easily spreadable.  Once applied, the mask dries relatively quickly, and it rinses off very easily with just a few splashes of water. So far so good, right?

I thought so, that was until I patted my face dry and noticed very little difference in my skin, except that it was less oily.  I used the mask twice more in the two weeks following my initial trial with it, and had the same results both times.  I thought I might have gotten a dud until I realized what the actual purpose of the mask was. According to Lush, this mask is solely intended to keep troubled skin in line, or from keeping catastrophes at bay, and it did that well by taking down my excess oils and keeping my skin from getting too congested.  So while it may not be a very visually effective mask, I would recommend it to anyone who may be dealing with excess facial oils, or even a break out or two as it shouldn't affect sensitive skin.  I think it could be a great addition to a weekly skin care routine if you have oily skin that tends to get out of whack.

Overall, I'd say it's a great mask, although it's not my favorite.  The scent and texture were amazing, but it just didn't do enough for me to be fully satisfied (through no fault of its own!).  And really, even though it wasn't exactly awesome, nothing is as refreshing as smoothing a fresh, cold face mask over your skin.  Nothing.


  1. Great post.I never tried a lush face mask before. I have dry skin so I need to find a good moisturising mask. I also have a blog,if you want to take a look I recently posted an empties and a instagram post.
    A MakeupHabit

    1. From what I've read, I think Oatifix from Lush would be your best bet. x

  2. I've tried this! Not the best mask I've used either. To be honest, I don't really trust Lush Skin Care. Years ago I burned my skin with their ocean salt, it left some horrible scars which has gone thank GOD.



    1. It burned your skin?? That's terrible! I can understand how, though. To my memory, it had something like tequila and harsh salt crystals in it? Which were terrible for sensitive skin. It always left my face red, but once I started using it on my body, I was much happier. I can understand your aversion to their skin products, yikes! x

  3. I have never tried lush's masks or anything actually other than their soaps and bath bombs, although expensive I can;t express my love for a few of their scents! YUM :)



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