Go Ginza | Essie Madison Avenue Hue Collection

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NYC's Madison Avenue, which I have now coined "Extravagant Avenue," is definitely the wealthy person's playground.  Women decked out head to toe in Chanel aren't unheard of, and you'll probably run into a few people carting a bag or two concealing contents you only wish you could get your hands on.  Littered with expensive little boutiques, quite a few art galleries and museums, and just about high-end everything, it's a place I'll only ever be able to shop in my dreams.  But as they say, "fake it 'til you make it," so I'm giving it my best shot and feigning chic with one of Essie's newest offerings, "Go Ginza."

Named for the Ginza district, which is Japan's equivalent to Madison Avenue (thanks, Google), the shade is a perfectly pale pinky lavender that reads as somewhat of a subtle statement, if that makes any sense.  It is described by Essie as a soft cherry blossom pink, although I'd argue that it's quite a lot more than that.  In some lights, you only see the lavender side of things, during which the color reads as a milkier and less gray version of Revlon's Provence.  Then, in a completely different light, the red tones will show through, and the nails just look a nice Springy shade of pale pastel pink.  It does take a bit of patience and a few coats to build up to a nice opaque finish, but once dry the gloss and shine are most definitely worth it.  Whatever the case, and no matter the light, this little bottle has quite sneakily weaseled its way into my "Can't Live Without It" category.  To put it plainly, my bare nails haven't seen the light of day after two separate manicures in almost a week, and it's all Go Ginza's fault.


  1. Gorgeous colour here, it looks like a nice formula too as I know some Essie polishes can be a bit 'off'.

    Nice little review here :D

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  2. Oooh, I love the sound of this polish and its colour-shifting properties depending on the light :) Your post made me a little nostalgic for my holiday in NYC last September - and I'd love to go to Ginza one day as well :)

  3. what a beautiful colour!!#


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