My Makeup Bag: The Basic Edit

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Quite possibly the start of a new series of posts here on the old blog, the "My Makeup Bag" posts will showcase the edits that my bag is subjected to, dependent upon the occasion.  I thought I'd start simple (don't laugh, this is as simple as I get), and bring out my pared down, "I can go anywhere" makeup bag staples.

Now, as with most makeup lovers (I think?), the "Lips" department of my bag is the most extensive, with six different options to choose from.  'But, Amelia...' you might be asking, 'isn't this your "Basics" edit?'  You'd be right of course, and the only excuse I've come up with at the moment is that these all perform slightly different tasks.  Starting with the glosses, we've got Rimmel's Apocalips in 101 Celestial, which I was insanely lucky enough to receive in one of Essiebutton's recent blog giveaways.  It looks and feels just like a liquid lipstick, and goes on extremely opaque immediately, with no need to build it up.  Urban Decay's Lip Junkie in Naked is on hand for when I want a gloss that adds a touch of plump, and my Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Laurel is basically always in my makeup bag, because it's not sticky, and does the job when nothing else will do.

For everything else lips, I've got two MAC lipsticks; Angel, a subdued yet frosty pink, and Morange, a bolder option for when I want a bit more color.  And of course, I have to have my Blistex, just for those dry lip emergencies.

In terms of my base, I always get shiny around my nose, so Rimmel's Stay Matte powder is a makeup bag essential.  I use my Clinique Stay Matte pressed powder when I want a powder with more coverage, and a Crown powder brush for application.  I also always have a concealer on hand for those pesky red areas that crop up around midday, and at the moment my new Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in medium (also courtesy of Essiebutton) is doing the job just fine.

I've also got two perfumes in the bag because you never know.  The first is my Stella EDP rollerball, which is not my favorite to be quite honest, but it does the trick in a pinch.  I've also found the makeup bag is a great place for housing perfume samples, if only to use them up (a tip borrowed from Zoella), and Caudalie's Zeste de Vigne is presently filling that role.  I've also randomly got a NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean thrown in because I change my mind quite often, and sometimes it takes me half a day to realize that I actually wanted to wear black liner on my lower lash line.

And finally, just some miscellaneous bits and bobs like a hair tie, a nail file and some tweezers.  Again, you never know.  And on that note, I think I'll end this lengthy post.  Basic, it is not, but this edit is my kind of basic (because I apparently have six pairs of lips).  I would love to know what some of your makeup bag staples are!


  1. Great basics! These products look like they work with any look and any occasion. I'll have to edit my make up bag with these tips!

    1. Yeah, I tried to stick to basics, but...well let's just say I'm bad at simple! That would be amazing if it helped you even a little bit though! :)

  2. I need all of these products! X

  3. I'm lusting over Morange at the moment, it is too gorgeous!!

    I've just posted a new feature on my blog, I've love for you to check it out! Today I'm chatting about a great new wishlist website!

    Laura xx - Black & Gold

  4. Nice basics! I want to get Korres lip glaze in Laurel! It is such a pretty color!

    New follower <3

  5. The fact that you don't need a eyelash curler makes me very jealous! I can't wait till Rimmel Apocolips comes here to the states!!


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