Staying Trendy with Revlon

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

If you've been keeping up with Meg's blog, you will have seen her recent post which included some information on the Pantone color predictions for 2013.  If you've not heard of them, Pantone are essentially the color experts, and can predict the colors for basically anything from journals to jumpers.  They've already posted their predictions for Autumn of this year, but the supposed stand out color of 2013 is Emerald green, which makes a May-born Taurus like myself very happy!

I was inspired by Meg's Monaco-blue nails in this post to bring my nail polish collection up to speed with 2013, so I made a visit to the drug store.  Obviously someone at Revlon keeps up with the Pantone color reports as well, because one of their newest offerings "Trendy", a perfectly opaque emerald green, is right in line with the color of the year.  It took me all of about five seconds to decide on this polish, and it has adorned my nails ever since.  For me, Revlon polishes are tried and true, and I haven't seen a chip yet (I'm on day four of wear).  I never wear a top-coat, but this is more out of laziness than anything else.  I'm thinking about investing in the OPI one, simply because Seche Vite's warning label kind of scares me a little.  This Revlon polish retails for around $5.50 and can be found in most drugstores (I got mine at CVS).  

So, is there anything that you've bought recently to keep up with the changing tides, or are you more of a "stick-to-the-classics" type of gal?


  1. Love this nail colour. I've just remembered that I have a glitter polish called Emerald City that I may have to whip out soon! xx

  2. Colour is so gorgeous
    S xx

  3. love the colour of ur nails, your blog is just lovely, keep up the good work :)


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