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Friday, February 1, 2013

So I may have to let the cat out of the bag with this one.  I do have other interests besides the goings on in the beauty industry (I know, shocker!).  In fact, I think my blog has only ever seen me talk about one other interest of mine, so in an attempt to dismantle some of the smoke screens, I wanted to talk about another great passion of mine: nutrition.

Enter Graze, a UK-based health food company focused solely around snacks.  That's my kind of company!  Specializing in healthier snacking, Graze delivers said healthy options in a format very reminiscent of the beauty boxes of yore. Delivery happens once a week in 100% recyclable packaging, and you get the choice of two box options; the nibblebox, if you want the ability to try everything that Graze offers, or the lightbox if you favor a more streamlined version of snacking with all options under 150 calories.  My first box was a lightbox, but you can change your box preference each week if you so choose.

To me, the beauty of Graze is that they leave the snack selection completely up to you!  Allergic to nuts?  Simply "trash" the entire ingredient.  Love coconut?  "Like" or "love" every coconut recipe!  Not sure if you'll like something, but it looks interesting?  Stick with the "try" option, and it may just show up in one of your boxes.  You can even customize the snacks to suit a vegan-friendly lifestyle!  The best part is, you continue to give your feedback as you receive your boxes, so if it turns out you actually didn't like the Smokey Gazpacho Dip, you won't ever have to eat it again.  With over 100 waistline-friendly snacks to choose from, including dried fruits, nuts, "chips" and dip, and even chocolate, there's a little something for every taste bud.  Not to mention, the huge detailed photographs that accompany each option guarantee that you know what you're getting when you select it.

My first box contained four of the lighter options, my favorites of which were the Mango Chutney with spicy black pepper dippers, and the Festival Fruits (dried pear, apple, plum and black currants).  I also received the Bounty Hunter with coconut flakes, dried cranberries and chocolate chips, plus Nacho Libre which consisted of almonds, puffed corn, and rice cakes covered in powdered cheese.  In all, I really love the concept of these boxes, and I think that at $5 a box, they're a good choice for anyone looking to fold healthier snacks into a cleaner eating lifestyle.  Not only would they make a great choice for parents looking to pack healthier snacks into school lunches, or for college kids who need better brain-fuel for all night study sessions, but it would also make a fun subscription to go halfsies on with a co-worker (seeing as Graze deliver to businesses, and all).

At the moment, the service is by invitation only as they are very new in the US, but hopefully once the company expands, more invites will be extended.  I have three invites of my own that I can extend, so I'd be happy to offer my code to the first three US residents who email me about the service at:, plus you'll receive your first box free!  It's companies like this that make my inner-nutritionist jump around and dance, so I'm very happy to share the love and spread the message, but until membership expands to all interested parties, you can peruse the website here.

I'd love to know how you like these non-beauty posts?  I'm thinking of doing a twice-monthly sort of healthy eating piece, would that be of any interest at all?  Well, until next time, happy snacking!


  1. I was signed up with Graze for a couple of months, and I loved getting the boxes through as it meant I could take some healthy snacks to uni or work instead of buying junk while I was there! I did cancel the other week though as I was getting a lot of snacks I wasn't keen on, but that's just because I'm fussy! One of my favourite ones included coconut and amaretti drops! Also, their flapjacks are the best!

    Laura xx - Black & Gold

  2. Ah, you got the chocolate one! I was so hoping for a chocolatey one! The dippers are my absolute fave (I only had one but they look the tastiest!) So cool you'll be getting them every week, I may just stick to once monthly! & haha, I see you found the napkin!!! I couldn't stop laughing when I found it :)

    1. The chocolate one was sooo good, almost a bit too sweet, but I'm not complaining :)

  3. I think there personally over priced maybe I'm just tight lol x
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  4. Very interesting. By default I love mango chutney!

    xx Christal xx

    1. Was definitely one of my favorites that I got. I love a good chutney! x

  5. This looks so good! I've been perusing the website and all their stuff sounds so delicious, especially the dippers!


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