Video: Beauty Products I've Repurchased

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Being a product junkie is all well and good, and while monthly favorites videos continue to be my bread and butter, I have decided to venture out slightly and talk about those beauty products that I could not live without over the years.  In my latest video/chat type of deal, I bring you the products I've repurchased!

It's been almost a month since my last upload, and although editing has now become the bane of my existence, I am back, and in HD no less!  I am loving this beauty blogger business, and although youtube scares the crap out of me, I couldn't be more excited.

Select to watch on Youtube for a list of all the products mentioned etc...  I'm currently planning my monthly favorites, and it should be pretty good this month!  Thanks for reading, and happy watching!


  1. I'm in love w/ UDPP too :) I've repurchased 3 times already!
    <3, Mel

    1. It's like I physically can't wear eye shadow without it! x

  2. I couldn't live without the UDPP! I don't even know how many tubes I've repurchased. I really like the Maybelline line stiletto. One of the best drugstore liners! :-)

    xx Christal xx

    1. Yes, yes and YES. I love them both to death, and I'm almost positive I'll be using them for years to come! x

  3. Great post! You are gorgeous!
    I love love love UD Primer potion!

    - Andrea Marie xx


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