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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Now, before I start rambling on about the newest addition to my skin care routine, I would like to exclaim and gush a bit about another new addition to my household.  I finally pulled together the funds (read: I had some very generous relatives this Christmas) to get myself a pretty decent DSLR camera.  And because I'm uncreative and give in to popular opinion, I snapped up a Canon Rebel T3i.  Bit of an unimaginative choice, but it is a work of art in itself, and has really taken the hassle out of snapping blog photos.  I am still experimenting with it and learning about it, but I'm loving the results thus far.  Expect to see a lot more content from me now, especially because taking photos has become so much more fun!

But onto more serious, well maybe not actually all that serious, but...well we're going to talk about moisturizer.  And I mean, as far as moisturizers go, this one is pretty darn serious.  I've definitely mentioned the Ole Henriksen Truth Creme before, because I came across it maybe about 10 months ago now, and fell completely in love with the  feel of it.  It works IMMEDIATELY, adds a subtle plump feeling to the skin, makes your skin feel a lot smoother, and smells of oranges.  It has literally zero downsides for me!  I have a feeling that the scent may put some people off, as it's a very sweet smelling citrus fragrance (more like orange flavored vitamins than fruits, to be honest), but I would use it even if it smelled like patchouli (actually my least favorite smell in the world) just because the skin and anti-aging benefits are so good and so quickly apparent.

The directions on the packaging say you can use this morning and night, and you definitely can, but because it feels so rich on the skin, I save it for night time use only.  In terms of consistency, it falls decidedly in the middle between a liquid texture and a richer creme.  When applied to the face, it sinks in super quickly, and you need literally the tiniest amount of it for your entire face.  Afterwards, my skin feels so smooth, and the benefits multiply with each use.  After just a week's time using it, I have noticed a brighter complexion, more hydrated skin, and even more ease in the application of my base products.  The final thing I wanted to mention, before this article gets too ravey and rambly, is that I think it would be suitable for all skin types.  I have combination/oily skin, and even after using such a hydrating creme, I haven't noticed a spike in my oil levels.  In fact, I feel that my skin is slowly starting to balance out and is becoming a bit more normal (fingers crossed this keeps up!).

Main point: whatever is in this jar has got my attention.  I've been wanting to buy it for 10 months now, and I could not be more satisfied with my purchase and the results it's given me thus far.  Granted, I did end up waiting for a Sephora gift card to come my way before splashing the $45 it takes to own one of these magical jars, but I can honestly say I have no regrets.  This is definitely sitting pretty as one of my top 5 best purchases of 2012.  End of discussion.

You can find Ole Henriksen products in Sephora stores in the US and on Feeluniqe internationally.  If you're willing to part with $45 dollars, then get ready to say hello to baby-soft skin.  Seriously.

Any products you've tried recently that have found their way into "Holy Sh*t, that's amazing" territory?


  1. Hi Amy,
    I too love great cometics and skin care and will certainly look into this moisturizer. Your blog is just wonderful and informative and I love the pics you are taking with your new camera. They look really professional. Keep up the good work as this will definitely lead into something great for you!

    1. Wow, thank you Lisa! This moisturizer is the absolute best. xx

  2. This looks so lovely! Eek. Also been thinking about investing in the same camera.. nice post! x

    1. It is quite luxe, and the Canon is SOOO much fun. I've literally been taking pictures of everything I see haha. xx


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