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Monday, January 7, 2013

This post may well be more of the same for those of you who've seen any of my youtube videos, but for those of you who haven't, I'd like to present a few of my favorite lip products from this week!

EOS Lip balm in Honeysuckle Honeydew: This I know I've never mentioned, and being as though I picked it up sometime in early October and it didn't initially wow me, it sort of slipped under my radar.  As you may be able to tell, my dog paid a bit more attention to it than I did!  The EOS line of lip balms had quite a bit of hype around them earlier last year, and then quite a bit more backlash when people realized that they weren't really all that special.  I'm actually still quite undecided about this round little balm.  I find it super handy for chucking into purses and such, because it won't mistakenly open up and start gathering lint, and it's quite easy to locate with a blind search.  I do tend to agree with a few other beauty bloggers who've pointed out the fact that the balm really does just sit on top of the lips, but I've been wearing it quite a lot recently, because I've found it's absolutely perfect for short time use.  That is, I'll smear some on right after applying primer to my face, and then by the time I'm ready to put on my lipstick, my lips are super soft and provide a better surface for application.  I've also been reaching for it a lot right before bed.  Just be prepared for a noticeable filmy-feeling in the morning should you choose to do the same!

Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Laurel: The Korres brand as a whole can feature as one of my favorite finds of 2012, however this little lip glaze in particular is quite the gem in and of itself.  I wore this almost every day toward the end of last year, but this past week I discovered that it is quite useful in another arena as well.  This was the only product on my lips come New Year's Eve, and it wore quite well.  Even after drinking quite a bit of champagne (and a few other beverages as well), this lip gloss wore surprisingly well.  I only had to reapply twice!  Add to the pot the fact that the texture is so unbelievably non-sticky, it stopped me worrying if my hair was going to stick to my lips if I let out with a few crazy dance moves, and really let me relax and enjoy myself.  Quite remarkable, really, for a little lip gloss!

MAC cremesheen lipstick in Creme in Your Coffee: The most recent addition to my small collection of MAC lipsticks, this little guy featured in yesterday's post.  Usually hate being so redundant, but hey.  It's definitely not my favorite MAC lipstick, by a long shot, but because the color is so lovely, I've been putting up with the other aspects of the lipstick that I don't love as much.  Those being, it is surprisingly drying, so much so that I have to start with a balm underneath or finish with a gloss on top if I want to be at all comfortable, not to mention the fact that the color does not last well on me.  But all that aside, just for occasional use, this lipstick really is quite lovely.  I think it could function equally well as either a day or nighttime shade, which is always appreciated in my book!

Whewf, I don't know how, but I always take something as simple as lip balm and turn it into a brief essay.  I've tried editing myself to no avail; this is as short as it gets.  Maybe, with time, I can learn to be more concise and to the point, but I make no promises.

Which lip products have been in your reserve this week?


  1. They all look lovely, i've never seen that MAC shade before but it looks awesome for autumn and winter!

    Great post!
    caperepulchra.blogspot.com xo

    1. The color itself is quite season-appropriate for sure, I just wish it were a bit more moisturizing. x

  2. I've forced myself to stop buying EOS because my dog always seems to get a hold of them and mangle them to a point where I can't even open them. :/

    1. Aww! Yeah, I have to keep mine super high up to avoid any further puppy-initiated mangling.

  3. Yeah, I mostly use the EOS cause they smell so darn good and they're just handy to have around. Lately, I've just been putting on some vaseline at night and my lips are pretty much good to go! xx


    1. Vaseline, such a good tip! I can't believe I'd forgotten how handy it can be! x

  4. I love Korres too, such a creamy and perfect texture. Surprisingly, I've never tried an EOS lipbalm, but the name just sounds delicious on its own. :P



  5. When I'm at home, you seriously can't tear me away from my EOS balm! lol I think I've tried every "flavor" haha

    xx Christal xx

  6. @ Shellely Korres has my heart <3

    @Christal I'd love to try more EOS flavors, as you say lol. I'm still pretty undecided about them, but I do love how nourishing and handy they are!

  7. ooh i love the eos lipbalm too - i don't know the flavour of mine (i wanna say peach??) but it's the pink one. i normally use the rosy vaseline though, i love the way that one smells :) i really want to give the korres one a try too!

    claris xxx


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