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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Depending on how long you've been floating around my little corner of the web, you may or may not recall my incredibly large (borderline unhealthy) obsession with the smell of ginger.  In all honesty, ginger-scented products have become my own personal version of kryptonite.  When the scent is done right, in the incredibly floral and citrusy sort of way, I cannot help but to surrender my debit card and claim selective deafness (or blindness) at the mention of a price.

Luckily, in the case of Origin's Ginger Gloss, I could at least keep one ear open at the cash register. Somehow, it had managed to escape me for this long that Origins even had a line of ginger-scented products, which brought to mind quite a few questions, the most prominent of which being 'Have I been living under a rock?'  Retailing for a fairly reasonable $21 USD, the only question I had left to ask was, 'How could I say no?'  

This gloss has a very candied, sweet, and almost lemony-ginger scent to it that treads the careful line well between clean and spicy.  I've been spraying it straight out of the shower onto damp skin, and it has proven to be a much better choice than lotion or body butters.  Not only is it quicker to apply than most lotions or cremes, but it is also less fuss and shaves a few precious minutes off of my morning routine.  It is also quite moisturizing, yet not overly oily, and leaves my skin soft and without that super-tight feeling I tend to get most often in winter.  Not forgetting the best part; I get to smell like a ginger blossom for the rest of the day!

If you want to monitor my previous ginger obsessions, you can read this post as well as this one.

Let me know if you've tried any of the Origins ginger products, and which others you'd recommend?


  1. I've never given much thought to ginger scents, but I'd give this one a look :-)

    1. It's definitely worth at least a test spritz at an Origins counter or store ;)

  2. I've always loved the scent of the Origins Ginger line- so sweet and spicy! The Incredible Spreadable scrub is fantastic :)



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