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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wait, but so blogging though, like how do you do that again?  OH MAN JUST KIDDING.  But no really though, extended absences suck.  Maybe not for anyone reading this, but I personally have missed the blogging game like no other!

Now, onto more important business, like the nature of this post.  I was debating whether or not to call this post "Ultimate Pore Fighters", just because that sounded crazy intense, but I went for the current one simply because I haven't fully tested out these products yet, and I didn't want to give you any misleading information.  All you really need to know is that I have enlarged pores on my cheeks, clogged pores on my nose, jaw and between my eyebrows, and that I want that to change.

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch face primer:  I love love love Kate's, or gh0stparties', videos and blog, and she forever goes on about her love for this primer.  I believe she and I have similar  skin types, and that is combination/oily skin.  I tend to get oily down the center of my face, especially on the nose and on my cheeks, plus, the pores on my cheeks are enlarged, so I bought this primer for two reasons.  One; to keep my makeup from sliding off and going patchy throughout the day, and two; to help fill in the pores and lines on my face.  Now I could be using this wrong, although I'm not sure how I would have managed that, but I'm sorry to say that this product has done neither of those two things for me.  I do seem to have a much more flawless base to start with, but my pores are still clearly visible through my foundation, and I have even had creasing issues between my brows and foundation build up around my nostrils.  I had such high hopes for this product when I bought it, but seeing as I've only used it for a little over a week now, I will continue to work with it, and see if I can't figure out a way to make it more effective.

Ole Henriksen Walnut Complexion Scrub:  This is by far the harshest product I think I have ever used on my face, but it's so amazing!  It is essentially a manual exfoliator that foams up slightly when water is added to it, so it becomes a sort of cleanser/exfoliator duo product whose goal is to clear the pores.  There are, I will say, very sharp pieces of ground up walnut shell in it, so although it is marketed to all skin types, I would definitely not recommend this if you have sensitive skin as it would probably be too harsh.   I've only used it twice now, but each time I scrubbed my face with it, it offered me immediate results in the form of a more glowing complexion and fresher feeling and looking skin.  I only use it where I really need it (ie, spots where my pores are especially clogged), because you need to massage it in for about 2 minutes or so, as per the directions.  I will warn you, your face will probably be very red and/or hot afterwards due to such deep pore cleansing, but the softer skin you get shortly after that is so worth the (slight) discomfort.

Origins Clear Improvement face mask:  OK, but this face mask though.  It's actually the best face mask I have ever tried ever, and I find it's ideal for my skin type.  It's main aim is to clear the pores, so it's best to start by opening up your pores with a hot cloth about a minute or so prior to painting the mask on your face (I use an old foundation brush to apply this one, as I just find it's more manageable that way).  While the mask is on, you'll feel a definite pull on your skin, as you're supposed to allow the mask to dry.  What I love so much about this mask is the instant gratification it provides.  You can actually see the junk that it's pulling out of your pores as it dries on your face.  Call me crazy, but I think that's flippin amazing!  Once it's dry, I just wash it off with either a wash cloth or some cold water.  It's really important to close up the pores after this mask because it will remove almost all the oil from your skin.  This can be achieved just by splashing some cold water on your face.  You'll need a moisturizer immediately following this mask, so you should close the pores simply so that none of the moisturizer and its oils go back into the lovely pores you just cleaned.  I swear, you use this mask once, and you're hooked!  At least, I was.

Phew!  Well that's all folks.  Hopefully I didn't lose you amidst the barrage of information!

All the best,


  1. I bought the Origins mask a few weeks ago, and I'm loving it!

    1. I had always heard about it, but it wasn't until I tried it that I understood the love.

  2. I really like the Origins mask, but I do find it a bit drying. I definitely have to moisturize after using this mask, but it's worth it!

  3. Eeek! This couldn't have come at a better time. I have horribly enlarged pores on my cheeks and clogged pores on my nose. :( Thank you!


    1. No prob! Yep, that's me to a T. I am definitely seeing some shrinkage, but I think it's mostly down to sticking with an evening routine. That walnut scrub is no joke, though. x


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