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Thursday, November 15, 2012

I've been a fan of Anna's from ViviannaDoesMakeup for a bit of a time now, and after watching some of her earlier videos through her most recent, I've learned the importance of a solid skin care routine and of having several options in the form of a skin care wardrobe.  I believe this term comes from blogger Caroline Hirons, who explains the concept as a functional collection of products that you switch out just as you would your clothes for seasonal changes or unexpected bad skin days.  Because of my newfound regard for a well-oiled routine, I felt it important to have a few options at the ready so as to deal with whatever the day throws my face's way!  So what's a girl to do with three different cleansers!?  Allow me to enlighten you!

LUSH Dark Angel's Cleanser: My heavy duty cleanser.  I get my best use out of this one at night when it's time to scrub away the day's makeup.  It's one of those that you mix with water as you use it to make a paste.  It is sort of a combo cleanser and manual exfoliator in one, but it is super soft and gentle and doesn't scratch my face at all.  Dark Angels gets off a ton of my foundation and excess facial oils, yet doesn't make my face feel stripped.  The avocado oils in it make it that much more soothing and moisturizing, and while it can be messy to use (it may take a bit of some extra effort to wash the residue down the sink!) I find it strikes the perfect happy medium between scrubbiness and moisture balancing properties, making it ideal for people with combination/slightly oily skin.  I only just got it about a month ago, will definitely be buying more of this when I run out.  I just hope it comes back in stock soon on the Lush website!!

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser: The gentlest cleanser I own. This one does not contain sulphates so don't expect suds.  And although this product claims to be fragrance free, there is definitely a discernible scent, albeit a subtle one, that reflects the cucumber extract and rosewater on the ingredients list.  Apparently the soy in it is supposed to promote elasticity and firmness, but I haven't noticed those kinds of results as of yet.  I like to use this directly following Dark Angels in the evening to get off any extra traces of makeup that remain.  It is super gentle, and I find it ideal for morning cleansing as well if my face isn't feeling super oily or gross.

Origins Checks and Balances Cleanser: When nothing else fits the bill.  They don't call it a frothy face wash for nothing!  This cleanser means business, and creates suds like you wouldn't believe.  I use Checks and Balances when my face has become inexplicably oily, and whether I use it in the morning or the evening, this cleanser works hard to remove excess facial oils and leaves my skin super soft and super clean.  I don't use this every day because I'm not always in the mood for a super sudsy face, but  if I'm feeling a bit oilier than usual, I know I can rely on Checks and Balances to take care of it!

I think I have a few other random cleansers lying about, but these are the main three that I get the most use out of.  None of these really removes my eye makeup, but they all take my face makeup off in a snap.  Next up to try: Cleansing Balms!

I'd love to hear any of your cleanser recommendations?  Do you have a few trusty favorites as well?


  1. The Lush Dark Angel looks like fun to use! Do you find it helps control oiliness?

    1. It's a bit messy, but definitely a good experience! It is definitely a great way to control oiliness. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for people with very oily skin, but combination to oily for sure because it takes away most of the surface oil. xx

  2. The Lush one looks heavy duty indeed..I'm a big fan of lush but the other cleansers look nice too :-)

    Yewizzy @ She Loves The Finer Things


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