Holiday Gift Guide: The Funny Girl

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ah, the elusive funny girl.  She's the kind of friend that can make you laugh until your jaw aches and you very nearly pee yourself.  You probably have about seven inside jokes running at once, and it seems like each time you hang out, you gain a new one.  Funny girls are skilled at getting laughs out of you, so if you don't share the same skill set, the holiday season is the best time to pay her back in humor.

Whether she's chuckling every time she drinks her morning tea or coffee out of her very own Arrested Development novelty mug, or she laughs herself dizzy reading Helen Fielding's classic story of a somewhat unfortunate British woman, or if she even just appreciates the comedy in the fact that Jersey Shore actress "Snooki" has actually created her own lipstick (and that it costs more than a MAC one!), she'll appreciate the fact that you kept her sense of humor in mind when you chose her gift.

What are some of the gifts on your list for the funny girls in your life?

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