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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hello dear chums!

I was spending a few thoughtful moments this past week quietly fretting about how to make my blog more engaging (it sounds silly, I know).  I love it dearly, as it is like my own little electronic baby, but I feel that it needs a bit more organization and direction.  And after jumping from idea to random idea in my head, I finally landed on this: my blog needs a series!  And thusly, the Sunday Short List was born.  This post will allow me to share a few things that I have been really enjoying over the past week, and I figured it would add a bit of needed spice and regularity (heh).  Plus, I've never been one to really enjoy a Sunday (unless of course I have the following Monday off), so maybe this series will help with that?  Regardless, I have a few things to share from this week, so let's get on with it, yeah?
My two current faves: Rimmel Bordeaux and MAC Rebel
1. Vampy Lips
I'm not exactly sure why, but as the seasons change and the days become shorter and colder, lipstick trends grow steadily darker.  Just in the past week now, I've read quite a few blog posts about excitement over October, as it means we can dust off our plums and dark brown lipsticks.  And no, I am not innocent.  I have recently fallen in absolute LOVE with dark lips.  They seem much more appropriate in this cold weather we're experiencing, and I could not be more pleased to jump on the bandwagon with this one.  I will be rocking dark purple lips full stop, until someone pulls me aside and tells me that's enough already.

2. Intensive Facial Treatments
Never one to be that interested in intricate or expensive skin care, I couldn't have been bothered with a face mask or an overnight cream even a few months ago.  However, I have noticed a change in the brightness of my skin recently, which I suspect has to do with working outside almost every day this summer, along with the changing of the seasons.  My skin had become visually duller, and was making my foundation look pretty darn tragic, so I knew I had to do something drastic.  Cue the excessive face mask purchases and the search for a good night cream (not to mention a well-deserved pamper session)!  I am currently witnessing much more brightness in the face department now, and I can't say it was because of something specific, but I am planning a skin care post (or maybe even a video *gasp*!) for sometime in the near future.

3. A Really Good Mystery
I often find that getting lost in a story is the best way for me to fill the spare hours in the week that aren't already claimed (they're getting scarcer by the day!).  And while I do love a good tv show (BBC's Sherlock is literally the best thing I think I've ever seen on a screen), sometimes you need something that you can carry around with you and whip out when you're in line at the post office, sitting in the dentist's chair, stuck in traffic, or what have you!  The point is, I love a good book, and my favorite types of stories have always been mysteries.  I live for the jaw dropping endings, twists and turns, and unexpected surprise or two.  And who doesn't love a good brooding and flawed protagonist?!
Out of the three books pictured, I have already read and finished The Thirteenth Tale and The Likeness, but would TOTALLY AND FULLY recommend them to any other mystery lover (The Likeness is the second book in the Dublin Murder Squad series).  I am currently working my way through the complete Sherlock Holmes collection, and as I suspected would happen, I am absolutely hooked!

And that brings us to the end of this first installment!  Now, I'm unsure if this will become a weekly thing, or maybe just a biweekly thing, but there it is.  I'm just putting it out there.  If you like it, you can take it; if you don't, send it right back (bonus points if you can name that film).


Amelia xx

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