Because Celebrating Means Buying Expensive Lip Balm

Friday, October 26, 2012

It's no secret that being obsessed with beauty products is no inexpensive hobby.  I was starting to feel the sting myself of having a limited income stream, so I ventured out into the scary world of retail and submitted my resume to a smattering of stores I would be proud to work for.  Jump to two weeks later, and ta-da!!  I can now say with certainty that I do indeed have a job this holiday season!

And I thought, what better way to celebrate than by purchasing something I've had my eye on for ages. That something being a Korres lip butter.  If you watch any beauty gurus on youtube, you'll know that the Korres lip butters are somewhat of a cult favorite, however the lip glosses (they call them lip butter glazes) get hardly any air time at all.  This fact now confuses me, because mine is pretty great!

I chose the color Laurel, and it adds a nude sheen and a surge of moisture to the lips.  It's not tacky like some lip glosses can be, plus it smells exactly like a vanilla shake!

I also chose the lip butter in quince, and I can understand why these are such a hit in the beauty community!  While sticking my finger into a pot of product is not exactly ideal, the scent and payoff of this lip butter is so divine it's worth it.  It doesn't feel like it's sitting on the lips, and the color is definitely buildable.  You won't get get your lips looking exactly like the color that's in the pot, but the point of this product is more to moisturize the lips rather than accentuate them!

They sell them in packs of 3 now in Sephora for the price of 2, and there's a pack with 3 lip butter glazes in as well, so I will definitely be going back someday to pick up some more!

Have you tried any of the lip products by Korres?  What are some of your personal faves?



  1. Congratulations on the job! I've yet to try korres, they are on my ever expanding beauty wish list though :) x

    1. Thank you! I am loving everything I've tried from Korres so far! xx


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