A Perfect Plum Pout: MAC Rebel Lipstick

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

OK, so I know you're probably all sick by now of hearing beauty bloggers and youtubers alike go on and on about how they love Autumn, especially because it means they get to break out their darker, plummier shades of lipstick, but I hope you've got room for just one more, because today I bring you the amahhzing MAC Satin lipstick in Rebel!

I somehow managed to scrape together 6 empty MAC containers to exchange for this lipstick in the Back to MAC program, and I was so satisfied I just couldn't wait to write a blog post about it!  I've heard about Rebel for some time now, by both Sammi from beautycrush, and from Tanya Burr, and eventually I realized that this lipstick was just too deluxe to pass up.

MAC describes this color as a midtonal cream plum, but to be honest their swatch looks completely unrelated to the color on my lips in the picture above.  It appears much darker in the tube than it does on the lips, but the beauty of this lipstick manifests when applied as it morphs into this blue toned, almost magenta color.  I am also in love with the fact that in different lighting, the color changes from a deep wine color to a bright fuschia.  And if you're familiar with MAC lipsticks, you won't be surprised to hear that Rebel has a definite sweet, vanilla-y, almost cake-like scent, but what you may be surprised about is the lasting power.

Now, I don't own terribly many Satin finish lipsticks by MAC, but I have to say I'll definitely be purchasing more if the lasting power is the same across the board.  I tried Rebel on in store, just to make sure I liked it before I bought it and, I kid you not, 6 hours later it was still on my lips.  And this is after a few slices of pizza and at least one drink!  Mind you, it wasn't nearly as intense as it is when first applied, but still; it was there.  Definite top marks!  

The only downside I can possibly come up with is that it definitely needs to be paired with a lip liner (you may be able to see the bleeding in my lip swatch above) to be worn with confidence; a lip liner that I unfortunately do not own (yet).

Rebel is obviously not for the faint of heart, nor is it for people who don't like fussy lip colors that require a little extra attention from the mirror during the day.  That aside, I could honestly see this working on girls of all skin tones.  I feel like it would stand out boldly on a paler skinned girl, and complement the yellow tones in olive skins, plus it would look fab and sophisticated on girls with darker skin tones!

I have more of a yellowy skin tone myself, and while this isn't the most well-suited berry lip color for me that's out there, I am positively LOVING having this color in my collection, as it's a lip color I've never owned before.  There's nothing like wearing a bold lip to make you feel a little bit more daring, and whilst it may not turn me into a rebel overnight, this lipstick affords me a bit more confidence and makes my makeup look much more put together and well thought out.  I am predicting tons of usage in the upcoming weeks and months, because apparently this season, there's nothing trendier than a statement lip!

What are some of your favorite bold lip colors?


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