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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just a quick check-in to let you all know I'm still at the blogging game!  I've got a huge exam coming up this weekend that may or may not determine my Master's program placement, so I am definitely feeling the stress.  I may be a bit MIA in the next few days, as my inspiration tends to leave me when I am experiencing moments of high anxiety, but then again, I may not!  I also feel it may be appropriate to tell you that I am not sponsored by Lush, due to the sheer amount of Lush posts I've written in the past month or so!  They don't pay me for these reviews and I haven't been sent these products for review or anything like that.  I am just genuinely excited by them, and happen to have made some recent purchases that I just had to photograph and share with the beauty blogosphere!  Bit of a sidenote, but I would like to say that even if I had been sent some products, I would never be disingenuous.  Gah, must work on shorter and sweeter intros!!

Anyway, I have had both the Full of Grace solid serum bar and A Breath of Fresh Air toner water for about two weeks now, and I happen to think that they work very well together.  I was dealing with dull skin at the time of my purchase, and still am but to a much lesser extent.  I'd never heard of either of these products before I bought them, as I'm usually one to research a product thoroughly before even considering buying it, but I made an impulse buy, and I am enjoying it immensely!  As usual with Lush products, I feel like I'm doing only good things for my skin when I use them.

The toner water smells of minerals and is reminiscent of the sea.  It truly does feel like a breath of fresh air, and believe me, that is more than welcome especially now that the weather's gone all cold and rainy.  I find this a very versatile and multi-use product.  I use it on a cotton pad to get off the last traces of makeup or face masks, as an all-over spray to eat up excess oil, as a pick-me-up throughout the day to refresh my makeup, and most often I spray it all over my face right before applying the serum to keep it from being too oily.  My skin is most decidedly indecisive and is usually somewhere along the spectrum of combination/oily, and this spray really does help to control oil and shine.  I enjoy the fact that it doesn't leave my skin too tight or too dry.  The aloe in it assures hydration of dry patches and a soothing feeling once spritzed.

If you're at all familiar with the Lush massage bars, then the feel and application of the serum bar won't surprise you.  All you do is rub it between your hands for a few seconds, and then spread the oil that transfers onto your face.  It smells of rose and lavender, sweet but definitely not subtle!  I tend to concentrate this serum around my eye area and in between my eyebrows, but it works just as well on all parts of the face.  I have gone nights using only the serum as my source of moisture, but if I'm going to apply an extra level like a night cream, I make sure it's oil free.  I've also worn this during the day under makeup, and I really do feel that it makes my foundation apply more easily.  Lastly, I was also recommended to apply Full of Grace right before using a face mask to make the mask more effective.  

Not sure how much truth there is to that, but I would like to reiterate the point that applying the toner right beforehand really balances out the oils in the serum and makes it a perfect match for my skin.  When applied together, my skin absorbs the serum well, and I don't feel like it's sitting on top of my face.  If I  ever do get that feeling, a quick spritz of the toner and it disappears!  These products both work well in tandem to give me more moisture where my skin is drier, and to absorb excess facial oils where there may be too much buildup. 

I hope you got something out of that stupid-long review!  I was trying to make this super short, but I guess I just can't help myself!

What are some of your favorite skin care combos?


P.S.: The next post will definitely not be to do with Lush, I promise!

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    I love all your LUSH reviews! I can never find one close but people rave about it :)


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