A Half Dozen LUSH Empties!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Hello lovely chums,

Yes, another empties post!  I have been quite the trash hoarder of late (evidence), and while this should probably alarm me a bit more than it does, I thought I would put this strange habit to good use by writing up a nice hefty empties post!  This one, as the title suggests, is exclusively about products from LUSH.  Yippee!

Just to show that they're all completely empty!

This lotion is a Retro product, hence the white container, meaning it is sometimes available online in the "Retro" section of the website (as it is at the time this article was written).  If you are unfamiliar with LUSH's "Retro" line, they are basically products that have fallen out of the permanent line, but that still pop up from time to time as a sort of throwback, if you will.
Now, I really enjoyed this lotion, but I will say that the scent will not be for everyone.  The best word I can come up with to describe it is "smokey", but even that doesn't do it justice.  It smells like no other ginger scent that I'm familiar with, and is very decidedly herbal.  According to LUSH, this lotion shares the same scent as their Ginger perfume from the Gorilla perfumes line.  I liked the scent enough, but because it was so strong, I tended to only apply this before bed.  Also, this took me absolutely FOREVER to use up.  I have had this well over a year, no joke!

I have actually heard a lot of people complain about this product!  I couldn't imagine why, until I realized that their method of application was different than mine.  Most people who had had issues with Retread were using it as a regular conditioner.  Now it could be that I just need glasses, but I initially thought that Retread was a deep conditioner, or intensive treatment.  Even on the LUSH website, they are selling it as a product for dry/frizzy hair in need of protein and deep conditioning.  So, I would shampoo and condition as normal, and THEN apply Retread to my clean, conditioned and detangled hair.  So many people had said that their hair became just one huge tangle when using Retread, but if you apply it after your hair has been conditioned and combed through, you really shouldn't have this problem (at least, I didn't!).  
I really liked the effect it had on my hair (uuuuuber soft and essentially frizz free), but I really could not get over the smell.  And trust me, it STAYS in your hair.  LUSH claims that it's melon-scented, but all I could smell was some sort of oil, and not the olive kind either.  This is definitely a "sniff-before-buying" kind of product, but if you can stand the smell, this does an absolutely beautiful job.

Self-touted as LUSH's most gentle moisturizer, Celestial works like a dream for sensitive skin.  It has a very light nutty-vanilla scent (both vanilla water and almond oil are on the ingredients list), and upon application, the moisturizer essentially melts into the skin.  Celestial did not make me feel greasy, and added noticeable softness and smoothness to an overall brighter complexion.
I only used this at night, so unfortunately I cannot comment as to how it looks under makeup, but I will say (and this may sound strange) that I went to bed feeling much calmer whenever I used this.  I'm not entirely sure why, but I just always felt like I was doing something good for my skin.  I was also very pleased with the fact that a little goes a very long way.  I believe this lasted me about six months, because all I needed was to dip one fingertip into the pot, and that small amount was sometimes more than enough to moisturize my entire face.  I cannot say enough good things about it!

To be honest, I had mixed results with this product.  I know this is a very infamous product in the beauty community, simply because it is such a harsh scrub, but I found that despite that, it did what it said it would.  LUSH calls this their most exfoliating cleanser, and they're not kidding.  I was instructed by the saleswoman to use this vodka-based, avocado oil, lime juice, and sea salt scrub on my face, which is exactly what I did.  I could see this being extremely detrimental to people with sensitive skin, as it did irritate my face quite a bit.  Not to the point of breaking out, but because of the vodka, citrus, and large sea salt crystals, my skin would get very red and stay that way for about twenty to thirty minutes after I had used it.  But it wasn't all bad.  I definitely noticed intensely smoother facial skin after using it for only a short time, and I would not be against purchasing it again in the future.  I think what I would do differently next time is to only use it maybe 2-3 times per week, instead of almost everyday as I have done in the past (I honestly don't know how I did it).  I would also really like to try this on the body.

Apparently LUSH's best-selling shower jelly, it is also their sweetest smelling, with notes of black currant and sour cherry.  In all honesty, I am completely on the fence with LUSH shower jellies.  This one in particular smelled of grape medicine to me, and I was just left clueless as to how to use it.  I resorted to trusty old Google for the answers, and found that tons of people recommended storing it in the freezer.  This seemed to me to just make it colder.  I also found that I could never really work up a good lather with it, and it left me feeling not the slightest bit cleaner upon exiting the shower.  Eventually I even tried blending in in a food processor, which only offered more lackluster results, and a grape-scented blender for the next week.  Even after saying all that, I would still try another jelly from LUSH, but I would be curious to know if anyone has had better luck with them than I have?

My least favorite of all the products mentioned today, this is most definitely not something I would repurchase.  Tramp, like Ginger lotion, is a Retro product, but the smell is just so off-putting to me.  I had seen somewhere that Tramp was a Lushie favorite, but the reason is lost on me.  It is scented with Patchouli and Melissa, which are apparently two things I should steer clear from for the rest of my life because OH it was awful!  And to make matters worse, the scent lingered (which is great in terms of shower gels, just not in terms of this shower gel)!  Definitely too earthy a scent for me, as I am into the more floral and creamy scents.  This might be something you try if you are really into the herbal/earthy type of scent though, because it certainly makes for a decidedly unique smelling shower gel.

And that brings us to the end!  In order to close on a positive note, I will ask what LUSH products you've used up and repurchased?  I'd love to know some of your favorites.  I'm hoping to stop by and pick up a few Halloween goodies soon, and as you can see from this post, I do indeed have 5 plastic pots, which means a free fresh face mask (say that five times fast), and quite possibly another face mask review!  I have been thinking of getting either the Cosmetic Warrior or Love Lettuce, but then I may end up getting something else entirely!  Only time will tell, and until next time...


Amelia xx


  1. Celestial sounds lovely! I haven't tried any of the Lush moisturisers, but I really want to. I recently used up my pot of Ultrabland, which was amazing because it was gentle and didn't irritate my skin at all- I was thinking of trying Fresh Farmacy next :)

    1. I've just had a look at Ultrabland, and although it's a cleanser, it sounds like it would be very moisturizing! Hope Fresh Farmacy works out as well xx

  2. actually i'm not really a fan of lush products. i have the feeling that the dry out my skin and hair :/
    but still a nice review^.^

    btw followed ya :D hope you'll follow back ;)


  3. I have never tried lush but you convinced me I should! These all sound like great products :)


    1. Ooh, well then welcome to the dark side! Haha, but yes, most of these were well-loved by me! xx

  4. i actually quite like the cream products by LUSH!
    would you like to follow each other?

  5. you made me want to try the Celestial Moisturizer lol
    great review !


    1. Oh wow really?! I hope you like it, it works well for sensitive skins! xx


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