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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hola, compadres!

I've seen this kind of post on a few other beauty blogs, and I realized that I had my fair share of products that I've hit pan on as well.  (Btw, hitting pan means you've used so much of the product that you can literally see the bottom of the pan that it sits in!)   So, I thought I'd do my own "pan-post", and that way you can see the products that I use the most.  I'm a proper poet, I am.

1. MAC Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus: As you can see, I've all but used this bad boy up!  I use it to set my make up, and it is very natural looking.  Now, I haven't repurchased this for the simple fact that I like to try a lot of the different products that are out there before I settle on one that I love.  And while I didn't love this, it did the trick.  I am currently using a pressed powder from Clinique that I like a bit more.

2. NARS Blush in Orgasm:  Ah, the infamous NARS Orgasm blusher!  I quite like this in the winter months when I'm paler.  In the summer, it doesn't show up on me as well because my skin gets really dark, so I have to use more to even get it show.  That being said, I've had this blush for more than a year now, and I use it at least twice a week, so this should last me quite a bit longer!

3. My MAC eyeshadows: From left to right; 
Mystery - a matte brown color that I am always wearing in my brows when I have make up on.  Unfortunately, I am a bit of a klutzy Karen and dropped my MAC palette twice, and my Mystery pan was forever changed.  Right now, I am on the look out for a lighter brown for my brows, as my hair has lightened considerably this summer.  Perhaps MAC's own Charcoal Brown, which I've heard so much about?
Sable - a lightly shimmery reddish brown that I wear in the crease on a daily basis.
Woodwinked - an absolutely extraordinary color that changes when blended.  I find this looks great for an evening look with MAC's Bronze.
Naked Lunch - My go to all-over lid color that has been a part of my everyday make up routine for ages.  I also either wear this or MAC's Retrospeck in the inner corners of my eyes to make me look wide awake.  Time to get a back up pan!
Grain - a very nearly matte, nudey color that looks great all over the lid.  It only has the tiniest bit of a sheen to it.

4. MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW25: I use this a lot for touch ups and red areas around my chin, usually.  Although lately this has been looking quite gray on my skin, and I'm none too pleased about that.  Time for a new concealer!  Suggestions, anyone?

5. Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach: MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PRODUCT EVER, TOTAL HOLY GRAIL CONCEALER!!  Can you tell that I love this product a little too much?  This is so perfect under the eyes and I wear it daily to make my face look fresher and more wide awake.  This is the second one I've owned, and it's almost time for a third.  I would like to add that these last about a year for me, and I use it at least three to four times a week!

6. Nivea Creme Skin Cream - I discovered this product last Christmas when I turned my stocking over, and it bounced out.  If you haven't tried this stuff yet, go to your closest drug store NOW and pick some up.  I'm not joking, this stuff is srs bsns.  This shit smells like roses.  Smear some of this on dry winter skin when it gets colder, and you'll be thanking me.  You're welcome.

Anywho, that is all I have for you today, my ickle friends.  Let me know what some of your favorite products are, and what you've hit pan on recently?  Thanks for reading!


Amelia xx


  1. Looks like my products! Just hit pan on my MAC MSF natural, Nars Orgasm, and my Mac Concealer!

    Great site!~Just followed!

  2. I love these posts! So jealous because right now I've only hit pan on one powder. I don't have concealers in pot forms, if not those definitely would have gone fast!

    1. I'm actually really worried that my Nars blush might crack now that I've hit pan on it, but so far so good! x

  3. i hit pan on my nars laguna bronzer and mac mineralized skinfinish natural medium plus as well and mac blot powder! love all of these products!

    beauty,lifestyle,reviews,hauls <3


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