LORAC Femme Fatale Eye Shadow Palette

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Direct sunlight. Shades 1-10, from left to right.

As promised, I will be reviewing my recent LORAC purchase: the Femme Fatale eye shadow palette.

I want to start by saying that I reeaally wanted to love this palette, in fact I expected to, but in the end it just doesn't have my heart.  As a rule, I really like LORAC's lipsticks, but I'm sad to say that I just don't love their eyeshadows.

The palette includes 10 shades in total, each weighing in at 0.03 oz, or 0.9 grams (for reference, MAC shadows are 0.05 oz/1.5 grams).  I bought this palette as a Hautelook.com exclusive for $14.00, however I was informed by the people at LORAC Cosmetics that it will also eventually be available at Nordstrom Rack (Nordstrom's outlet store).  At what price, I'm not sure.

Natural lighting.

What I Like:

1. There is a nice mix of cool and warm tones.  The first 5 shades in the palette are on the warmer side, featuring brown and red tones, while the final 5 are much cooler with purple and grey tones.

2. Nice mix of matte and shimmer shades:
The first shade, the third shade, the eighth, and the ninth are all pretty matte, while the rest are decidedly shimmery.  In fact, shade 3 is a very nice brow color for people with ashy brown hair like myself.

3. The shades are all very creamy in texture, and the darker shades (except for the black which requires layer upon layer to get it to show up very black), along with the second shade, afford good color payoff.

4. They are fairly easy to blend.

5. The packaging: It's small, compact, and really cute with a padded, snakeskin-esque lid!

Sorry for the quality, but I missed out shade seven (which appears second here) in the photo above this one!

What I Don't Like:

1. Even though most of the darker shades have a decent color payoff, I found the two lightest shades to be very chalky, and complete throw-aways.  The first shade in particular, even after layering it and layering it onto my eyelid, showed up translucent at best.  Not the all-over lid color I had been hoping for.  I also had very little luck getting the seventh shade to show up (the shimmery silver color).  I even forgot to picture it in my swatch with all 10 shades!

2. The shadows literally get ALL OVER the place!  This is the thing I dislike most about the palette.  If you're not careful about the firmness with which you run your brush over a color, chunks of it actually come loose, and I had to end up blowing them off, as they mixed with other colors.  I feel like this speeds up the "hitting pan" process, and is kind of a rip-off.

3. Works best for evening looks: I was hoping to be able to create both daytime and evening looks with this palette, as on sight it seemed to have a good mix of light and dark shades, but after using it and realizing that three of the lighter shades are essentially useless on me, I am left with just two colors that would suit me as a lid color.  The rest I would only wear in the crease and only in the daytime, unless I were feeling oddly daring.  Basically, I had hoped that this would become my everyday eye palette, but  unfortunately it has not.  This last point is probably more my fault than anything for not scrutinizing the colors better before purchasing.

So that is my full review!  I hope you found it helpful (and I'm sorry to any international readers, but I believe there are only Nordstrom Racks in the US).  I don't know why I find it hard to be so negative, but I felt it only fair to share my honest opinion, especially about a product that I didn't get on with very well.  

If, even after my negative review, you still plan on purchasing it and trying it for yourself, or if you already own it, let me know how you got on with the palette?  I'd love to know!  Hopefully some of the other LORAC eyeshadows are made up of different stuff, because I've been eyeing their Pro Palette...

Sorry this was so negative, but hey ho!

Well, until next time.  Laters!

Amelia xx

* My skin color is medium/tanned for reference.

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