Motif Wipes: A Pick-Me-Up for Pennies!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

'ello Chums and Chummettes!  

So guess what I've found?  A product that is both effective and affordable?  That's right.  And what a good feeling that is!  Take a look at these babies.  

These wipes are marketed for both the hand and the face, however they are very strongly scented.  That is to say that if you have sensitive skin and eyes like I do, I would recommend avoiding the facial area with these as people might mistake you for a big saddo who cries in the middle of the day (these might make you tear up).

In terms of effectiveness, Motif fits the bill.  If you often find yourself in want of a good hand-washing after touching one too many handrails, doorknobs, dirt clods, or what have you, but you just can't seem to find a sink, then fear no more, dirty people!  These wipes actually make your hands feel super clean, and the three varieties offered are all very different, yet equally interesting.

You've got your Water Lily and Herbs (pink) for those who enjoy floral scents; Citrus Zest and Ginger (orange) if you like a bit of spice in your citrus (ooh); and finally Olive Leaf and Coriander (green, and my personal favorite) if earthy spices are what you're into.  

And guess what?  They don't hold back on the wet!  These wipes are not drenched, but close to it, in moistness and fragrance, so the scent lasts nicely after you've used them.  Now, they do smell a bit wipe-y, if you know what I mean, but you won't really mind it once I tell you the best part--THEY'RE ONLY $1.99!!  Are you surprised?  Excited?! No?  Well.

I purchased mine at a Duane Reade in the ever-bustling NYC, however I'm sure they're available elsewhere (just checked; they're not!).  Each packet comes with 15 wipes, and the packaging makes them really easy to spot in a big bag.  Also, it doesn't hurt that the packaging rates super high on the adorb scale!  If you ever see these while you're out and about, give them a whirl.  You won't be disappointed!  Or at least, I wasn't.  

Here's their website, in case you're interested...

Laters, dirty people!

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