Batiste for Curls? Not so much...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Heyo chummies!

So I should probably preface this post by letting you know that I have very dry, curly hair (type 3b, if you're fancy) that doesn't take kindly to being washed more than three times a week, and definitely hates shampoo (don't fret, I do shampoo it).  So what possessed me to go out and pick up a few bottles of Batiste dry shampoo, I'll never know.  It probably went something like, "Ooooh that looks pretty.  BUYING."

Now, ideally you would use this product if your hair has gone oily, but you just don't have the time to wash it.  It's supposed to take away some of the excess oil in your hair, refresh your scalp, and give you a bit of volume.

"Proud & True Brit" and "Floral & Flirty Blush"

So, enticed by the promises on the bottle, I tried it.  And that was when I realized that this product is most decidedly not made for girls with curls.  Basically, the product comes out white when you spray it on, and if you have hair that isn't light blonde or platinum, you'll look like you've gone prematurely gray.  Now this wouldn't be a big deal for a person with straight hair who can easily brush the product through, but when you've got tight curls that will turn to frizz at the mere mention of the word "brush", well...this becomes an unusable product.  Add to it the fact that it made my hair even drier than it already was, although this is probably my own fault for not realizing that it is marketed towards people with oily second or third-day hair.

My hair doesn't really get oily, but seeing as I can't and don't wash it everyday, I was looking for a product that would refresh my hair on the off days.  It turns out that this product is probably less like a shampoo in that I feel like it doesn't really clean your hair, so much as it sucks the excess oil out of it.  This was probably my mistake for buying something in dry form that I don't use that often in wet form, but regardless, I thought I should make the other curly girls out there aware that this might be one product they could skip.  

Other than that, I'm sure this is a very nice product for girls with straight or wavy hair to own, because I've only ever heard good things about it.  I will say one thing; they definitely smell reeeeallly nice.  The scents are refreshing, and even though the shampoos really did nothing for the look of my hair, they did add a nice little smell to it that I would get a whiff of every once in a while.  But all in all, I will not be repurchasing these and will most likely be giving them to a straight-haired friend, because they just don't work for my hair type.

Any curly heads out there who do use this product, and have any tips for me, or is this just a lost cause?    What are your thoughts/opinions/experiences?

Until next time.  Laters!

Amelia xx


  1. I just found your blog and I have to say two things. 1.) It's absolutely amazing and I'm loving it! 2.) I'm so happy you're from the US of A because I have such a hard time finding bloggers that aren't british and yours is well ... perfect!

    I have dry and curly hair too and bought this because it sounded so fancy! I didn't think it worked either because every time I rubbed it in, sure my hair looked a tad less oily but now it was a frizzy nest. I found the secret is to lift a medium sized section, spray it and then leave it. It works so much better that way and my curls stay in tact :) Hope that helps!

    1. OK bless you, because yes why are there no US beauty bloggers, and also you are far too kind. And can I just say that you have a great blog too and omg I just discovered this trick with dry shampoos literally this morning when my hair needed a pick-me-up. The lifting and spraying is totally the way to go. I have a renewed affection for dry shampoos, and I kind of wanna steal these Batiste bottles back from my sister now...


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