A Decidedly Black and Gold Haul

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hello again, chums!

Today’s post will be shorter than usual, but only because this is strictly a haul.  I am still planning to review some of the items from my haul last weekend, so no I haven’t forgotten!

1.     Lorac Femme Fatale eye shadow palette (reviewed here)
2.     Spikey bracelets from ebay (I bought a silver one as well)
3.     LUSH facemask in Brazened Honey (reviewed here)
4.     L'oreal Lineur Intense eye liner in Carbon

Blue bracelet here

Now, as you can see, I have decided to embrace the recent spikey/punk accessories trend by sticking my toe in the water with these, which were dirt cheap on ebay (less than $2 each!).  I saw these on shewearsfashion.com, and placed an order for them that night!

Onto the most exciting part of the haul for me, which is the LUSH facemask!  I’ve been a quiet Lushie for about two years now, but have never really gotten into their skin care.  I’d mostly tried their bath and shower products, but I’m finally getting the chance to try one of their famous fresh face masks and I couldn’t be happier!  It smells like such the quintessential LUSH fragrance, which is so hard to describe unless you've already smelled it, so I'm not even going to attempt a try.

Finally, I am hesitant to review the Lorac eye palette because it was a Hautelook.com exclusive (so I don't think it’s available anymore), BUT I may write a post about the formulation of the Lorac shadows, in case anyone is so inclined?  So far I find them reeeeeallly creamy and blendable, so all good news thus far!

Well, I think that’s it for now.


Amelia xx


  1. The Lorac palette looks really nice, a review would be lovely :)

  2. I've tried that lush face mask - it works wonders. Great post!

    1. I'm not so sure about the mask yet as I have only used it once, but I will definitely be reviewing both the palette and the mask very soon!

  3. Hey I've only tried the chocolate mask (maybe it's called cupcake, not sure) can you then do a small review following up this post?

    1. That's the plan! All I can say right now is that I wouldn't recommend it for sensitive skin, but expect a full review in the near future.


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