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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OK, so I confess.  My initial idea for writing this blog was simply to purchase, smell, and review, well…candles.  Yes.  I wanted to write a candle blog.  Needless to say (is it needless?), this idea did not materialize.  Not only did it seem far too limited a topic for such a scatter-brain like myself (that's putting it lightly), but I soon realized that I wanted to write about more than just the scent profiles of wax in jars, because honestly, I'm pretty crap at it. 

Instead, I am offering a decidedly less niche corner of the Internets, however I make no apologies for the fact that there will doubtless be plenty of posts about candles in the future.  Or at least until this current candle obsession has subsided.

But in all seriousness, this blog was created for girls and guys who are looking for ways to feel confident and look stunning, even if they’re covered head to toe in sweat and dirt.  Relaxation and time to recharge are both large parts of this process.  

What I promise to post about in future are honest reviews of products that aid in relaxation, cosmetics that can withstand dirt, sweat and grime, along with face masks, hair masks, and other restorative processes that will help maintain a well-kept mind and appearance.  I also promise to write about and review anything else beauty-related that is important enough to share with my fellow beauty lovers!

Through my tips and reviews, I hope to help you find the products and regimen that work best for your unique situation.

I can also promise you one last thing: I will always provide my honest and sincere opinion, no matter what.


Amelia xx

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